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Building the way towards a greener future

Lately, we hear a lot about #EnergyTransition, which means moving from a fossil fuel-based energy system to a cleaner, low-carbon one. It is a global phenomenon happening worldwide as we move away from coal, oil and gas and towards cleaner forms of energy like solar, wind and hydro.

The #mining industry has a crucial role to play in Energy Transition. As per the International Energy Agency, #renewables will account for two-thirds of global power generation by 2030.

A lot has been said about the topic, however not always the information comes from #experts .

We have invited four senior executives to provide their point of view around this topic. In the panel we have:

  • Martin Steinbild | Managing Director Steinbild Consulting

  • Dr Tony Harwood | Founder, President and CEO Montero Mining and Exploration

  • Roberto Garcia Martinez | CEO Eurobattery Minerals AB

  • Belinda Labatte | CEO & Director Lomiko Metals Inc.

This discussion table aims to reach mining executives that would like to understand more about the #BatteryMetals space; #commodities investors that are new to the Battery Metals market and would like to get educated in it; but also the general public that is interested in learning about our market.

During the conversation we will discuss:

-Briefly introduction to what are Battery Metals

-Recent history of the market

-Present situation

-Battery Metals and ESG

-What does the future hold?

We hope you enjoy the discussion and please, do not forget to provide your comments on the matter below!


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