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Your success is our success.

Finding first-class mining and resourcing professionals for your business.

We are an international mining and resources recruitment and strategy consulting firm. Our job is to help you hire elite mining professionals across a multitude of roles both at site and head office.

We understand that you are only as good as your people, but sometimes top talent in our industry can be challenging to find. With almost 10 years of experience and spanning five different continents, our clients trust us to find them the best in the business. It’s exactly what we do each day and have built our business on.

Building long-term, sustainable relationships with our partners is what we do. And trust, transparency, fairness and responsibility are the key values that allow us to do exactly that.

Our clients trust us to find them the best in the business.

Your success is our success.

Finding first-class mining and resourcing professionals for your business.

Our solutions

We choose to only work with a handful of clients at any one time to ensure our services are personal and we are always on hand to manage the process from end to end for you. 

Working closely with you and keeping you up to date throughout is paramount for us and key in finding the right talent for your business. 

Finding candidates for senior-level jobs is at the core of what we do. Our consultants have an intimate knowledge of the industry and challenges that a mining site represent. All of them have worked on a site before. 

Site-Based Leadership and Technical Recruitment

People are at the centre of the success of an organisation. Efficient and effective leaders have a paramount impact in the final outcome.  

Executive Search

We only ever use a proactive approach with detailed and comprehensive methods for our searches and evaluations. During our assessments, we evaluate things such as skills and experience but also culture and best fit for your organisation. 

We offer advice, coaching and guidance for you when you need it. Support from an industry expert like Avantgarde with 10 years in the field can help make those high-level decisions in business less challenging. You can be confident that business is moving in the right direction with our guidance. We can help you with:

Strategic Consulting

Remuneration and benchmarking

We advise on information for salary comparison.

Talent identification and mapping

Giving you access to key information about the best talent and insights about competitors.

Candidate hiring assessments

We assess whether applicants are suitable for the role.

HR audits

To examine your policies, practices and procedures.

We can help you with:

“Recruiting is highly time-consuming and quite challenging in our industry, but not when Paloma is there to work for you!"

CFO Mining Services Company

"Paloma not only has successfully placed highly talented people in key positions, but most importantly, she worked collaboratively with our team, communicated progress regularly, and delivered results effectively and timely."

CFO Mining Services Company

"It is refreshing to work with someone who knows our industry, listens carefully, understands your needs, the value of skill and culture fit, communicates regularly, and delivers on target.”

CFO Mining Services Company

We are based in the United Kingdom. We love to travel to our clients (as we think it helps us to get to know you better), or if you prefer, we can also manage operations remotely which allows us to partner with an international client base. Working from London’s central time zone means we can work with global clients easily, and we always make time differences work.

We also pride ourselves on getting to know our clients, personally, whether it’s online or offline. For us, understanding your story and culture is paramount to providing a personal and customer centric service. It also allows us to ensure we are matching the right people to your business.

A partnership which works.

Our values

Our clients trust our reliability, ability and strengths in recruitment and consulting.


Finding you the best talent is our responsibility and we own it.


Our clients trust our reliability, ability and strengths in recruitment and consulting.


We are always honest and create transparency with both partners and candidates.


We always stand up for what we believe in and what’s fair.

Our methodology

We know how to find good talent. Even in current challenging market conditions, we are confident in finding the right people in mining and resources. The key element in the search process is the knowledge of the industry, relationships and reputation. You can rely on us to bring this to the table. And of course, we take measures throughout the process to ensure we don’t just find anyone for you. We find the one for you. 

Our founder

Paloma Ortiz-Lopez is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Avantgarde. She is the face behind the business with almost a decade of experience driving results for clients in the mining and resourcing sectors.

In addition to her experience, Paloma also has many accreditations. She concluded first her studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and went on to study CIPD Level 7 in Human Resources Management. She went on to build her experience within the industry through various consulting roles, being involved in hands-on projects at sites and most recently as a Regional Manager in other leading firms.

It was both her background and experience that drove Paloma’s passion and knowledge for matching exceptional candidates to businesses and over the years she has built an impressive network of senior executives. Having worked on different projects at sites in particular provided insights and knowledge most execs wouldn’t have the opportunity to have under their belt. Thus, Avantgarde was born to support businesses by finding the right people.

Since then, Avantgarde has grown on an international level supporting clients daily in their recruitment endeavours.

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